June, 29

Invaders do not hide fact that they want to seize south of Ukraine and are already "marking" cities they have taken as Russian

04/22/2022 01:22:03 pm
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The russian occupation troops, except for the Donbas, intend to capture the entire south of Ukraine. This statement was made by acting commander of the Central Military District of the russian federation Rustam Minnekaev, - russian media report.

"During the second phase of the special operation that began this week, the russian army plans to establish full control over the Donbas and southern Ukraine, to provide a land corridor to the Crimea", - they quote him as saying.

"Control over the Donbas will make it possible to create a land corridor to the Crimea and influence the vital objects of the AFU", - Minnekaev added.

"Control over the south of Ukraine will give the Russian Armed Forces one more exit to Transnistria, where there are facts of oppression of the Russian-speaking population", - he outlined another goal of aggression against Ukraine.

Meanwhile, so-called "civil-military administrations" are being created in the settlements occupied by the invaders, and the settlements themselves are being marked as Russian.

"Yes, this is a full-fledged, "big" war. But this is already a strategic clarity", - fans of the Russian world comment on such statements and actions on social networks.