December, 8

Russian occupier-sadist admits that he chopped fingers and hands of Ukrainian

04/15/2022 04:38:07 pm
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Russia grossly violates the Geneva Convention and other international norms for the treatment of prisoners of war. The SBU obtained a shocking recording of a russian executioner boasting to his friend about the atrocities he committed with Ukrainian prisoners of war.

"They brought prisoners, I f*cking abuse them... B*tch, d*mn, I chop off ther fingers, I chop off their hands! Put them on a shovel, on a brick: yelling "aaaaa!", - the invader tells.

He admits that even his colleagues are surprised at his cruelty: "Salavat, where did you come from, savage?!"

And the SBU already knows where from. This is 27-year-old Astrakhan monster Salavat Sarsenov. He came as a contract soldier to the Ukrainian land and unsuccessfully tries to advance in the Zaporizhzhia direction.

I wonder if his mother, Zulfiya Sarsenova, knows about such exploits of her son? Because the SBU is already documenting them in the framework of criminal proceedings. So if this russian savage manages to survive, he will certainly face a fair trial.