July, 21

Putin regime sends cadets of military schools "for training" to fight in Ukraine

04/06/2022 02:57:51 pm
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The Putin regime has sent cadets of military schools to fight against Ukraine, having formaligzed their participation in a punitive expedition against a sovereign state as a "probation". This was announced by speaker of the SBU Artem Dekhtiarenko.

According to him, the Security Service of Ukraine received secret maps and lists of russian occupiers, whose units were destroyed in the Donetsk oblast.

These documents show that cadets of the Moscow Higher Military Command School were sent to the war against Ukraine.

"They were not just sent, but this was issued as a probation", - the SBU spokesman noted.

"The owners of the documents did not have time to surrender or escape from Ukraine. They received a worthy punishment for their crimes – death. We are working on!", - he summed up.