December, 8

Kremlin announces its readiness for negotiations with Ukraine, subject to its complete surrender

02/24/2022 10:41:13 pm
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The Russian Federation declares its readiness to negotiate with Ukraine "to discuss the neutral status and the renunciation of the deployment of weapons". This was stated by press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, answering questions from journalists, - the Russian media wrote.

"The president formulated his vision of what we would expect from Ukraine in order for the conceptual "red-line" problems to be resolved. He formulated this quite clearly. This is a neutral status, this is a refusal to deploy weapons", - Peskov listed. "He spoke about this, and here the question is whether the leadership of Ukraine is ready for this", - he added.

When asked if Russia is ready to communicate with the leadership of Ukraine on this topic, Peskov replied: "If the leadership of Ukraine is ready to talk about it".

As reported, Putin launched an offensive against Ukraine at the night of February 24. Missile attacks began in Kyiv and Kharkiv. It is reported that the attackers are spreading panic, military units and airports are burning in some cities.