March, 21

Russia to behave in foreign policy "as it wants" – FSB general remembers USSR and Catherine II

01/11/2022 12:49:50 pm
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Russia will behave in foreign policy as it wants, guided by the experience of the USSR. This statement was made by retired FSB general Alexander Mikhailov in an interview with Russian media.

According to him, the tough requirements of the Russian Federation to the USA and NATO are a position similar to that of the West.

Modern Russia acts as the USSR did before: it firmly defends its interests and does not make one-sided concessions. Such a line of conduct, the FSB general is sure, "will force the West to remove arrogance, not to look back at the Eastern European Russophobes in NATO, but to negotiate with the Russian Federation on the principle of equal partners".

"We have taken a position similar to the Western one. They will say: you owe to us. And we will answer: no, you owe to us. And the more independent policy we pursue, the easier it will be for us. As Catherine the Great said: they do that they can, and I do what I want. We need this: to do what we want", - Mikhailov stated.