March, 21

"Rural household registers" invented in "DNR" for owners of household plots, which will include "all factual data"

12/29/2021 11:27:01 am
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Occupation authorities of the CADO have obliged all owners of household plots to have the so-called "rural household registers". This was announced by Yekaterina Nadeina, who calls herself "the head of the department of the Ministry of Agroindustrial Policy and Food of the DNR".

Allegedly, these books, which are planned to be introduced in 2022, "will help citizens who run private subsidiary farming and sell surplus in the market to avoid claims from regulatory authorities".

At the same time, a continuous tour walkdown will be carried out, as a result of which "information on absolutely all farms" will be entered into the rural household register.

Nadeina stated that the book is a form of accounting documentation and on its basis "citizens running a private farm business can get an extract-certificate of its availability and calmly sell surplus of self-produced products" without paying taxes and "claims from regulatory authorities".

"It will be filled by staff with the authority to collect information", who will "come to households twice a year with the purpose of factual accounting".