July, 21

"Forgot where you live?" Occupiers of "DNR" organize total check on road between Donetsk and Makiivka

11/26/2021 03:57:11 pm
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An intensified check was organized by the "DNR" occupiers on the road between Makiivka and Donetsk in the area of the Chaykynske ring this morning, - the residents of CADO report in social networks on November 26.

"Chaykynske ring in the direction of Donetsk, documents, insurance, breathing, trunk and phone", - the drivers write, specifying that they look at contacts, IMEI and photo gallery on the phone, and also check passengers' documents.

Other users are outraged by such "disquisition" of ordinary people:

- "Is it legal at all?";

- "For them - yes";

- "On what ground is this happening?;

- "Based on the assault rifle in the hands";

- "That's jaw-dropping. Maybe I should give the keys to my apartment, let them look the houses as well. It's just humiliating. I lost for words";

- "Here I answer, shock. Just give someone your phone. On the basis of an assault rifle. Fubar. This is all that we deserve for almost eight years";

- "Forgot where you live?;

- "No. Just the further it is, the more disgusting…"

In addition, users write about other numerous places in Donetsk, where the so-called "DNR law enforcement officers" conduct massive checks of cars starting from the morning.