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Gryzlov completely distorts results of November 24 TCG meeting

11/25/2021 01:36:26 pm
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Representative of the Russian Federation in the Trilateral Contact Group Boris Gryzlov has completely distorted the results of the TCG meeting in a comment to the Russian media on the evening of November 24.

"The Ukrainian delegation demonstrated its unwillingness to follow the peace process of settlement at today's meeting of the contact group again. Disrupting the negotiations under any far-fetched pretext. Kyiv continues to block the work of subgroups of the contact group in all directions", - Gryzlov said.

He also stated that "Kyiv ignored the demand of Donetsk and Luhansk to return to the fulfillment of their obligations under the signed agreements to strengthen the ceasefire".

At the same time, Gryzlov did not provide any concrete evidence for his words.

"It is necessary to return Ukraine to the fulfillment of its obligations to observe the ceasefire", - he concluded without adducing any proof.

As reported, on November 24, member of the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group Serhiy Harmash accused Gryzlov of lying and stated that "it looks like Russia has finally plunged the Minsk process into coma".