July, 21

Pushilin states that all "young guys" will be recruited to serve in the "DNR" armed gangs

11/12/2021 03:30:36 pm
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Leader of the "DNR" Denis Pushilin has stated that all men in CADO who have reached "draft age" would "serve in the army". He stated this on November 11.

Pushilin recalled that the first small "draft calls" were already held in CADO, and now their number will be increased.

"The first draft - only 200 people, now it is 300 people. It will grow, because, well, all young guys who reach draft age must serve in the army, and we are striving for this", - the leader of the "DNR" said.

The comments of the separatist segment of social networks on this issue are overwhelming with emotions, mainly with obscene words about Pushilin: "Let him give the example and go sit in the trenches for a year…"; "North Korea 2.0"," Get your children out of here, ladies and gentlemen!", "Militants are recruiting for military service. How have we stooped so low".