June, 29

Leader of "LNR" closes last checkpoint connecting occupied Donbas with free Ukraine

10/11/2021 02:58:06 pm
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Leader of the "LNR" Leonid Pasechnik has ordered to close the Stanytsia Luhanska checkpoint - the only operating checkpoint connecting the occupied Donbas with the free territory of Ukraine. This is said in the "decree" of the puppet ruler of the "republic".

The "LNR" leader explained the final transformation of CADLO into a ghetto isolated from the whole world by "an unfavorable epidemiological situation in Ukraine and the threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 in the LNR".

Allegedly, "in order to ensure the safety of residents of the Republic", the departure of residents of the occupied territory to the territory of controlled Ukraine is carried out solely "on the basis of the lists formed by the permanent working group".

This working group will release from CALO those who prove that they are leaving for treatment or educating, those who will look after a close relative or to a funeral. The issue of permitting the entry of citizens into the occupied territory is resolved in a similar way.

In exceptional cases, "if it is necessary to urgently cross the line of actual demarcation", the occupation authorities promise to allow the exit and entry of citizens in agreement with the so-called "Ministry of State Security of the LNR".

Prior to this "decree", Stanytsia Luhanska remained the only relatively open checkpoint through which it was possible to cross the line of contact. 7 621 people passed through this road corridor towards occupied Luhansk over the past week and 7 280 people entered the territory controlled by Ukraine.

As previously reported, there is a critical situation with coronavirus disease on the territory of CADLO: hospitals are overcrowded, there are not enough doctors, medicines and oxygen. At the same time, the border with Russia, where a large number of COVID-19 cases are also registered every day, remains open. Thus, the assertion that the ban on the movement of people across the contact line is caused by the danger of the spread of COVID-19 from a free Ukraine does not stand up to scrutiny.