June, 4

"LNR" occupiers bring down fire on residential sector near church, school and kindergarten during shooting practice (VIDEO)

09/17/2021 03:56:00 pm
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Village of Illiriia, Lutuhyne district of the occupied Luhansk region, has come under fire from the "LNR" militants, who were conducting firing exercise at a range located near the settlement. This is reported on social networks by local residents.

The incident happened yesterday, on September 16. "One shot near a church, school and kindergarten (which is very close), the second - near the village hall and the third - in the field", - local residents write. "We are far from the line of demarcation, which excludes the possibility of Ukrainian shelling", - they state. 

"There are no wounded or dead, the ambulance registered the appeals of school students, who were on recess in the yard at the time of the shelling and, accordingly, experienced great stress, as well as residents (high blood pressure and heartache)", - the message says.

Local residents are asking the occupation authorities "to pay attention to this incident and take measures to eliminate the firing range from these territories". "We would like to hear how this state of emergency will be considered by the LNR government and what measures will be taken", - they hope.