July, 21

Decision to wall off occupied Donbas to be made by people in referendum - Zelensky

06/25/2021 12:45:03 pm
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President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that if the authorities decide to fence themselves off from the Donbas, this decision should be supported by the people in the all-Ukrainian referendum. He told this in an interview with the VIP with Natalia Moseichuk program on the 1+1 TV channel ", - Ukrayinska Pravda reports.

"As for the alternative plan B (on the Donbas, except for "Minsk" - ed.), I believe we are in it. And those who offer a wall as plan B or plan C, it does not matter, that is, a wall in any format .. The wall is not just words or something that someone is building. The wall is everything. The wall is in all respects and all communications. What to do with the people who are there for us, not pay a pension? What to do with enterprises of the Donbas, what to do, not to supply them with water? Then Mariupol will not receive water… That is, the wall is a complete breakdown of relations in one form or another. I believe that this plan may be, but, I think, the people of Ukraine should make a decision about launching of this plan", - Zelensky said.

"When I said that it is very important for us to be able to freely express our opinions and decisions, we need a law on a referendum. If we do not succeed in any alternative agreements with the United States, Russia, separately with Europe and alongside this, the Normandy format - will it work or no - if all this fails, then the people of Ukraine will vote on the wall", - the President concluded.