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Tuesday results in the occupied territories of Donbas. The highlights

05/19/2021 12:00:00 pm
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In the area of the Joint Forces Operation on May 18, three violations of the ceasefire by the armed formations of the Russian Federation were recorded, - the JFO headquarters reported. The enemy opened fire twice from heavy machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms near Pisky. The enemy fired from under-barrel grenade launchers in the direction of Avdiivka. There are no combat losses among the Joint Forces personnel as a result of the enemy shelling.

Checks of all the men crossing the "DNR" occupiers' checkpoint near Starobesheve caused panic in local social networks. "Who knows what is the reason for strengthening of the traffic police at Starobesheve?", - residents of CADO wrote. There are answers in the comments to the post: "Tactical exercises from 17.05 to 22.05. They look at the lists of conscripts"; "Under 27 or under 50 years old?"; "They take everyone on the lists from the post of Starobesheve to the commandant's office, they capture fingerprints and take pictures of all the men. The queue lasts three hours, I was there when two guys were taken away"; "Gorgeous, most likely the same is at Amvrosiivka"; "So what? In the army?"; "5 days of training?"; "A man from my work has been serving since yesterday", - local residents wrote. As reported the day before, residents of CADO complained about the verification of documents and delays near Amvrosiivka, where a new "DNR" checkpoint had appeared.

The "LNR" militants caused debilitating injury to a 15-year-old girl who had come to "visit" them in one of the illegal armed formations. This was said in the report of the OSCE SMM on 17 May. The state of emergency happened on April 18, 2021, but the occupation authorities did not report it. "A girl (aged 15) was injured due to gunfire in Voznesenivka (formerly Chervonopartyzansk, non-government-controlled, 65km south-east of Luhansk)", - the OSCE SMM report said. The monitors report said that medical staff at a hospital in Dovzhansk (formerly Sverdlovsk) told the SMM that on 18 April, the girl had been hospitalised with a gunshot wound to her neck and a spinal injury. She was subsequently transferred to a hospital in occupied Luhansk.

Another 159 cases of COVID-19 and 138 cases of "usual" pneumonia were detected in the occupied part of Donetsk oblast over the day. This was reported by the so-called "Ministry of Health of the DNR". In addition, another 19 patients died over the day. In total, as of May 18, there are 35 861 people with COVID-19 infection in CADO, 3289 are on treatment (inpatient and outpatient), 2676 people died. The mortality rate from the consequences of coronavirus is still at a very high level - 7.5 % (it is 2.2% on the territory of free Ukraine and 2.1% - in the world). The occupiers also identified 138 cases of pneumonia over the day, which is 51 more than in the previous day. Of these, 104 patients were hospitalized. A total of 134 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 744 are on oxygen support (+50 over the day).

The chlorination of water supply networks will take place in occupied Donetsk on May 19 and 20. This was reported by the so-called "city administration".

The supply of drinking water in occupied Makiivka will be cut off from May 19 to 20. This was reported by the occupation "administration" of the city. The reason for the shutdown is preparation of the Makiivka filtering station and water supply and sewerage facilities for operation in the summer. In addition, there will be no water in occupied Ilovaisk and the settlement of Panteleimonivka for the same reason.

A miner was died at the Kirov mine in occupied Makiivka. This was written in the local segment of social networks. It was reported that "Viktor Radionov, born in 1976, was fatally injured by the auger of the rock removing combined machine" at the Kirov mine. Fake "Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DТR" reportув on another accident that occurred in occupied Chystiakove (formerly Torez), at the Donrossugol LLC. "When loading a railway car with a mined rock, while on the car, a loader of raw materials and fuel, citizen born in 1985, received an electric shock. The victim was hospitalized in a health care facility of Torez", - the report said.