May, 23

Russian court found Savchenko guilty of all charges

03/22/2016 05:59:15 pm
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Donetsk Court of Rostov region of the Russian Federation found the ATO participant and MP of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko guilty of all counts. The relevant sentence was announced at the meeting on Tuesday, - reported the Ukrainska Pravda.

The Russian court decided that the "Savchenko’s rehabilitation is impossible without isolation from society." The court decision said that Savchenko would be sentenced to a real term of imprisonment in a standard regime penal colony.

The Court considers that the alibi of Savchenko, accused of the murder of Russian journalists, has not been proven during the trial. The court "has no doubts of the Savchenko’s guilt of all charges."

When the final verdict was being read out, the Ukrainian began to sing "Gorіla shyna, palala ...".

She will be fined for illegal crossing of the border. The judge did not mention the amount of the fine arguing that further sentencing was impossible. The meeting was adjourned.