September, 28

Leader of "DNR" Pushilin is ready to ask for fraternal "assistance" in war with Ukraine. He says he has right

04/19/2021 03:35:13 pm
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The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin does not exclude that he will turn for help from outside in the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. He stated this on the air of the radio Moscow Speaks radio.

"We will make a decision (on applying for external assistance - OstroV) based on an assessment of the level of Kyiv's armed aggression. Among other things, we reserve the right to ask for help based on the norms of international law", - the leader of a quasi-state entity that is not recognized by international law stated.

As previously reported, the Russian occupiers are aggravating the situation in the JFO zone, provoking the Ukrainian military to return fire and groundlessly blaming them for shelling the civilian sector.