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Relatives of military and civilians missing in Donbas create special register

04/08/2021 03:45:47 pm
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The Nadiya Dnipro association of relatives of the missing in the Donbas creates a register of missing people. Chairman of the organization Yadviha Lozynska told this, - Suspilne reports.

Now, according to her, the register contains information on more than a hundred people. There are military personnel, soldiers of volunteer units and civilians among them.

Anyone can post on this website the form with those who disappeared in the combat zone.

Son of Yadviha Lozynska, Andriy Lozynsky, a fighter of the 93 Kholodnyi Yar separate mechanized brigade, disappeared in 2014, while leaving Ilovaisk. The results of two examinations have established that the body of one of the unknown soldiers is 99.9% identical with the DNA of her Andriy.

However, the woman did not recognize the results of the DNA examination. "If I know for sure that my son is alive, and they are trying to force me to bury someone else's body in various ways, I cannot go for it. There are several remains of people in this bag, they also have relatives, mothers, who are also looking for them", - the woman says.

She told that she had been collecting information for 7 years and had evidence that her son was alive.

"The investigation was officially carried out by the East operational command. The notarial certificates of the soldiers who were with my son in captivity were provided. And most importantly, I know that my son is alive - he called my phone on September 5", - the woman says.

To help find people, the Dnipro association of relatives of the missing, chaired by Yadviha Lozynska, has created a search website called "We hope".

Viktoria Solodukhina is also working on the project. Since October 2014, she has been looking for her friend, military officer of the 72nd brigade Serhiy Kostakov with the call sign "Maestro". The man disappeared while being transferred to another unit.

"He disappeared in Volnovakha, on the territory of controlled Ukraine. At that moment, when there were no hostilities, no sabotage and reconnaissance groups entered. And now we have been looking for him for the seventh year already", - she told.

"Our search page is called "The Book of Hope", it contains the list of guys who are expected at home. This is our main selection parameter. This is what determines their eligibility to be on this website. Because we have a list of families who have the results of 99.9% coincidence with the body according to the DNA examination. At the same time, they have quite reasonable doubts", - she said.