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"There are no assistants". Zelensky speaks about lobbyists who want to damage Ukraine's relations with IMF

02/22/2021 04:19:40 pm
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Ukraine expects to receive the next tranche from the IMF by the end of 2021. This was announced by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky today at the Ukraine 30. Infrastructure forum today, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

"The IMF program was not closed. We are in a program with which we received 2.1 billion. We also have two tranches… Now they had to provide the date when the second tranche of 700 million will be allocated. The program was not implemented due to a few things", - he reported.

According to him, the program was not implemented due to the law on the High Council of Justice, which the Verkhovna Rada has not yet adopted.

"There are several more economic laws that we must make. Such an agreement", - the president said.

"The IMF says - we lack one, two, three, four, five points. We have to make them, we agree or disagree. I believe that we have normal relations with the IMF, no one helps us with this topic inside Ukraine, on the contrary, many lobbyists work with the IMF separately, telling that something terrible is happening here in Ukraine, but we would have shown it. That is, there are no assistants", - the president stated.

Zelensky expressed confidence that Ukraine would receive a tranche from the IMF by the end of the year.

As previously reported, the International Monetary Fund mission completed its work in Ukraine on February 13 without concrete results.