December, 8

"DNR" occupiers want to register 20 seized enterprises as "manufacturers of Russian Federation"

11/20/2020 06:02:49 pm
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The so-called "Ministry of Industry and Trade of the DNR" intends to register in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast about 20 enterprises seized from Ukrainian business owners as "manufacturers of the Russian Federation". This was announced by Volodymyr Rushchak, who calls himself "minister".

According to him, the "DNR Ministry of Industry and Trade" sent a list of about 20 enterprises to the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade for consideration for inclusion in the Register of Russian manufacturers.

"That is, already a Russian consumer, a qualified prospect will not deal with a legal entity, the "DNR" resident, but will deal with a resident of the Russian Federation, which is included in the information system of the manufacturer of the Russian Federation, and the products will be included in the register of products manufactured in Russia The solution of these key issues will allow and ensure the participation of our producers on equal competitive terms, participation in purchases for budgetary and municipal money on the territory of the Russian Federation", - Rushchak told.

He added that "there is understanding on the part of the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade".