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"DNR" occupiers demand "legalization" of passports of Ukrainian citizens issued after 2014

11/19/2020 04:21:25 pm
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Occupation authorities of the "DNR" require mandatory "legalization" of passports of Ukrainian citizens issued to local residents after July 2014. Separatist media writes this.

It is reported that both ID-cards and paper passports of Ukrainian citizens must be "registered" in the "DNR".

This requirement is explained by the need to issue the "DNR" address certificate for the subsequent receipt of the "DNR passport".

"You receive an address certificate, which contains data from a new passport of a citizen of Ukraine, as well as registration at the place of residence. The address certificate enables the "DNR" state bodies to accept ID-cards and passports of Ukrainian citizens", - separatists write.

The "DNR Migration Service" promise to issue address certificates within three days, without putting any marks in the passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

"Having an address certificate, you can apply for a passport of the "DNR" citizen", - it is reported in the "republic".

As OstroV reported, occupation authorities of the "DNR" began issuing the "republican" passports in 2016. According to the latest reports, over half a million people have received it. Residents of CADLO report numerous facts of coercion to obtain this fake "document".