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Hits of Ukrainian Rock concert canceled in occupied Donetsk after denunciation of local journalist

11/16/2020 10:17:42 am
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The Gung'Ю'bazz bar, popular in pre-war times, was forced to cancel the previously announced musical program called Hits of Ukrainian Rock. This is said on the pages of the bar on social networks.

The denunciation of a certain local journalist Katia Katina, who disseminated information about the upcoming event and expressed confidence that Ukrainian songs would not be heard in the occupied Donetsk, became reason for the cancellation. "I met such an advertisement: this event was announced in Donetsk on November 28. There were similar attempts in other locations, but the concerts were canceled. I think the same will be here as well", - Katina, who calls herself "war correspondent", wrote.

After her message, which received certain attention, the management of the Gung'Ю'bazz bar announced cancellation of the planned music program.

"Due to the large number of negative reviews, the Gung'Ю'bazz bar is canceling the Hits of Ukrainian Rock concert", - the message says. "We did not try to push or provoke someone to something. We have always been and are a creative musical platform", - the organizers justify themselves.

"Provocative songs have never sounded from the stage of the bar. We carefully selected playlists so that people could hear the music that sounded in the every second player 10 and 20 years ago", - the keepers of Ukrainian rock hits assure.