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COVID-19 in "DNR": every third tested has coronavirus

11/04/2020 06:19:34 pm
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Out of 417 COVID-19 tests conducted in the occupied territory of Donetsk over the past 24 hours, 134 studies (32.1%) showed a positive result. This is reported by the fake "DNR Ministry of Health".

In addition, 23 deaths were recorded: men aged 59 to 85 and women aged 60 to 85 died.

In total, there were 7204 confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection and 623 deaths as of the morning of November 4.

Also, the occupiers identified 158 cases of pneumonia during the day, which they refuse to associate with coronavirus infection. Of these, 101 people were hospitalized. In total, 2269 patients with pneumonia are being treated, of which 518 are on oxygen support (+41 over the day).