June, 25

Occupiers of "DNR" to send Kyiv "list of citizens" whom they will allow to enter "republic"

06/24/2020 02:45:30 pm
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Occupation authorities of the so-called "DNR" have decided to "officially send to the Ukrainian side a list of citizens" whom the occupiers would "allow" to enter their "republic". This was stated by the so-called "Commissioner for Human Rights in the DNR" Daria Morozova, - "official websites" of the separatists report.

"The DNR will let in only those citizens who have received official permission to enter from the Headquarters", - she said.

Morozova stated that "in order to prevent possible speculation and attempts by Ukraine to mislead people who have not received permission to enter, we will officially send the Ukrainian side a list of citizens who are allowed to cross the DNR state border".

As it was reported, the occupiers stated that it would be possible to enter the "DNR" through the contact line only one day.

Furthermore, the occupiers at two checkpoints restrain stream of people wishing to leave the "DNR" through Olenivka.