May, 26

Civilian wounded near occupied Horlivka - self-proclaimed "mayor" gets confused in testimony

06/19/2020 05:19:02 pm
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A civilian has sustained shrapnel wound in the area of Horlivka. This was written by calling himself the "mayor" of Horlivka Ivan Prikhodko on his Telegram.

"During the shelling of the village of mine 6/7, civilian Eduard Soldatenko, born on 10.11.1977, sustained shrapnel wound to his arm", - he wrote.

This information was picked up by separatist media, having traditionally blamed the AFU for this.

Prikhodko later "specified" data on the wounded. It turned out that he incorrectly named the age, name, surname and nature of the wounds in his "insider". "Clarification on the wounded civilian. Sergey Kachura, born in 1973, mine-blast trauma, open fracture of the right humerus, fragmentation wounds to the chest, left upper lecture", - the "mayor" told a completely different story.