May, 26

Former leader of "DNR" recruits militants in occupied Donetsk to war in Libya - Pegov

06/12/2020 04:35:03 pm
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Former leader of the "DNR", citizen of Russia Alexander Borodai has arrived in occupied Donetsk with the aim of recruiting the Donbass residents for participation in the war in Africa. This is reported by Russian propagandist, author of the WarGonzo project Semyon Pegov with reference to his own sources.

"Borodai really arrived in Donetsk, the Head of the UDV (the so-called Union of Donbass Volunteers that unites Russian mercenaries who fought against Ukraine - OstroV) beats soldiers to work in Africa. Presumably, in Libya", - he wrote.

According to the Russian Interfax, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for the Middle East David Schenker accused the Russian Federation of interfering in Libyan affairs, which "led to the Turkish intervention". "We are particularly concerned about the continued influx of Russian military equipment, weapons and Russian mercenaries from the Wagner group into Libya. The presence of Russia has led to a significant Turkish intervention", - the diplomat said at a briefing in Washington. He noted that the USA continues to "call for de-escalation, ceasefire and return to political negotiations".