July, 21

Arrests of local residents opposed to closure of mines begins in "LNR" - social networks

06/09/2020 07:18:55 pm
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Arrests of local residents who oppose the closure of mines and other city-forming enterprises began in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast. This is written by a popular blogger under the nickname "Donetsk Aborigine" on his page in the Telegram channel.

"21 people have been arrested in the LNR over the past two days, 5 night arrests have been confirmed", - he reported.

"A leftist activist group was predominantly arrested, self-organized ordinary citizens, who were active on the VKontakte social network and distributed leaflets leftist content. They opposed the de-industrialization and dismantling of their enterprises and cities, trying to formalize the structure (or movement) to protect the rights and interests of the working class", - the "Aborigine" specifies.

He states that occupied Luhansk and Donetsk "are now at the bottom of the economic and social pit, there are mass wage arrears, condemned enterprises and the threat of complete desolation and depopulation" of the occupied cities.

As previously reported, miners of the Komsomolsk mine (Antratsyt, occupied part of the Luhansk oblast) started a strike on June 5, demanding payment of wage arrears for 2020 and over the past years. The miners also demanded timely issuance of overalls, replacement of faulty equipment closure of small illegal coalmines. According to the local residents on social networks, the occupation authorities jammed mobile communications in the area of Antratsyt, blocked operation of social networks and closed the city "for quarantine".