March, 3

"Bringing to a profitable level". "DNR" occupiers develop plan to close unprofitable mines

05/22/2020 04:24:01 pm
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Occupiers of the "DNR" are going to close all unprofitable mines in part of the Donetsk oblast, not controlled by Ukraine, having fired about 20 thousand miners. This was written by popular separatist blogger "Donetsk Aborigine" on his Telegram channel.

So he commented on the "official" information about plans of the occupation authorities "to bring coal mining enterprises to a profitable level".

The readiness of plan for the reorganization of coal industry was announced by calling himself "minister of income and fees of the DNR" Evgeniy Lavrenov.

"The plan of action to bring coal enterprises of the DNR to a profitable level has been approved by the "government", the necessary regulatory documents can be adopted in the near future", - he stated, emphasizing that this plan was adopted, allegedly, "in support of coal industry".

"Accurate news", but in reality, the "republic" is going to close 2/3 of all mines, leaving only 8 active. More than 20 thousand miners will be laid off", - the blogger revealed essence of the "reform" of coal-mining enterprises operating in the occupied territory of Donetsk oblast.