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Rada passes law on combating coronavirus without discussion

03/17/2020 01:43:06 pm
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The Verkhovna Rada have adopted bill No. 3219 "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine aimed at preventing the occurrence and spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)" in the second reading and in general, - correspondent of OstroV reports.

344 people's deputies voted for the corresponding decision.

The explanatory note says that the bill was designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus among the population of Ukraine.

1. The law creates legal basis for the prompt implementation by the state of a set of urgent measures to prevent and treat coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in particular:

- procurement of goods, works and services, necessary for this purpose without applying the procedures provided for by the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement";

- one hundred percent prepayment for such goods, works and services;

- exemption from import duties and VAT on medicines, medical devices and/or medical equipment, designed to prevent the occurrence and spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19);

- control by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of prices for medicines, medical supplies and socially significant goods.

2. A set of legal norms is introduced to protect the rights of individuals and legal entities during quarantine and restrictive measures, namely:

- possibility of working at home for employees, government employees and employees of local governments and provision of leave with their agreement;

- granting the right to owners to change the operating modes of bodies, institutions, enterprises and organizations;

- ban on the cancellation of certificate of registration of an internally displaced person (for the period of quarantine and 30 days after its cancellation);

- ban on bringing to administrative responsibility of foreigners and stateless persons, who were unable to leave Ukraine or were unable to contact the territorial bodies / units of the State Migration Service of Ukraine with a request to extend their stay in Ukraine due to the introduction of quarantine measures;

- attribution of legal fact of the introduction of quarantine in force majeure;

- extension of the terms for receipt and provision of administrative and other services;

- a number of measures aimed at protecting the rights and interests of internally displaced persons, preventing the cessation of housing allowances, registration of the unemployed, etc.;

- ban on the state supervision (control) bodies to carry out scheduled activities of state supervision (control) in the field of economic activity.

3. The government must, within a week, establish additional salary supplements to medical and other workers, engaged in the work to eliminate the disease among people with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the amount of up to 200% of salaries, as well as surcharges for certain categories of workers providing main areas of life;

4. Administrative liability is established for unauthorized leave of the place of observation (quarantine) by a person who may be infected with COVID-19 coronavirus disease, and criminal liability for violation of sanitary rules and norms for the prevention of infectious diseases is introduced.