June, 18

Civilian injured on territory of CADO. Occupation authorities groundlessly accuse AFU (Updated)

03/04/2020 04:08:40 pm
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A civilian has sustained shrapnel wounds in occupied Dokuchaievsk of the Donetsk oblast. This is stated in the report of the so-called "representative office of the DNR" in the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination on ceasefire.

The victim born in 1968 was taken to a local hospital.

The occupation authorities have traditionally accused the AFU of the injured civilian. No evidence was provided.

Later, the "DNR" propagandists stated two wounded. Allegedly, a passenger bus fell under the shelling of an anti-tank missile system. According to the militants, the driver noticed an approaching rocket and sharply changed the direction of the vehicle, so the guided missile did not hit the bus.