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Surkov on Russian solution to "Ukrainian issue": coercion to fraternization by force

02/26/2020 11:54:33 am
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The only way to normalize Ukrainian-Russian relations is to strong-arm Ukraine into fraternization. Such an opinion was expressed by long-term curator of the hybrid war in the Donbass, resigned assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov in an interview with one of the Russian propaganda media.

"Relations with Ukraine were never simple, even when Ukraine was part of Russia. Ukraine was always troublesome for the imperial and Soviet bureaucracy… Enforcement to fraternal relations is the only method that has historically proved its effectiveness in the Ukrainian direction. I do not think that another one will be invented", - the Kremlin ex-emissary stated.

Surkov made it clear that he had resigned because the Russian leadership had abandoned his methods of actual management of the occupied Donbass. "The natural braking of this project has begun. Of course, I would not have asked for leave such a hot spot in a usual situation, since it would have been irresponsible. But the site has more or less cooled down, and most importantly, the context has changed. I could not go in one direction for five years, and then abruptly go back on my decision and move in the opposite direction", - Putin's former assistant explained his departure from the civil service.