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National police states full control along entire perimeter of Zolote

10/31/2019 01:14:32 pm
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The police control the entire perimeter of the entrance and exit from the village of Zolote, patrolling the streets in heavy duty. This was reported by the press service of the National Police of the Luhansk oblast with reference to deputy head of the National Police Vadym Troyan.

"The process of disengagement of forces and means began in the area of Zolote yesterday, therefore, reinforced patrols of the police and military personnel of the National Guard were involved in the service", - Troyan stated.

According to him, in order to ensure the safety of civilians and rule of law in the settlements at the indicated disengagement sites, the police of the Luhansk region and attached forces are serving in heavy duty.

According to the agency, additional police squads are also on duty, the streets are being patrolled by the foot-borne and mobile squads round the clock.

"If necessary, the operation headquarters immediately makes decisions on adjusting the forces and means involved in the protection of the rule of law", - the deputy head of the National Police claims.

As reported, Vadym Troyan controls the process of organizing and performing services together with chief of the police of the Luhansk oblast Serhiy Kolesnik and constantly communicates with local residents.

"We control the entire perimeter of entrance and exit from the village, patrol the streets. That is, the police efforts are aimed at ensuring the rule of law. We protect the public. This is the Ukrainian territory and we will not leave our citizens", - Vadym Troyan assured.

As previously reported, the withdrawal of forces from Zolote would take up to 30 days.