December, 3

SBU detains "LNR" militant, who "earned" his living by shelling residential areas of Shchastia

10/28/2019 04:57:08 pm
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Another militant who escaped from the "LNR" due to lack of money was detained by the SBU counterintelligence, - the press center of the department reports.

The resident of Luhansk joined the militants in search of profit in the summer of 2015. After training at the firing range, he was enrolled in the so-called howitzer battalion. The militant "earned his living" by shelling residential areas  of Shchastia and positions of the Ukrainian military.

"Eventually, he found out that being a militant is a completely unprofitable occupation. Therefore, in search of better earnings, he moved to relatives in the controlled part of the Luhansk region, where the SBU was waiting for him", - the report said.

He will pay up to 15 years in prison before the Ukrainian people for the "service in battle".