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Silur and Horlivka meat processing plant: "DNR" militants give away seized Ukrainian factories to Russian companies

08/12/2019 01:11:05 pm
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The Horlivka meat processing plant and Khartsyzsk rope plant Silur, captured by the militants, came under the control of Russian firms. This is reported by Vostochnyi Variant.

Representatives of the "DNR" call this process "change of director" without explaining on what basis the unknown Russian LLCs gained control over the industrial enterprises of Ukrainian owners. The names of the real owners of these firms are also not disclosed.

The Khartsyzsk plant Silur was captured by the "DNR" militants in December 2016. The occupiers declared the plant a "state-owned enterprise". According to the media, at the end of June, it became known that the plant was transferred to the Russian company LLC RosExpoSnab.

The "DNR" supporter Yevheniy Tinianskiy reported that armed people from the "Ministry of Inland Revenue of the DNR" began to seize documents. "This happens on a day off when there are no people at work. It turns out that the Ministry of Inland Revenue, headed by Minister Lavrenov, grabs the state-owned enterprise in favor of a certain LLC. According to my insider information, it is called RosExpoSnab, the head is certain Litvinov. There is no "state" decree on transferring Silur to some LLC on any website. The names of the beneficiaries are known to me, they work through Armatov ("Minister of Industry of the DNR", by the way, native of Khartsyzsk) and Lavrenov",- Tinianskiy wrote.

The "DNR" stated that the change of owner of Silur is associated with the poor economic condition of the plant, which worked intermittently.

There is almost no information about LLC RosExpoSnab in the network. There is a company with the same name in Russian state registries, which was registered on July 20, 2018 and is located in Rostov-on-Don. The founder and director of RosExpoSnab is Andrey Litvinov. The types of activity of the company indicated are trade in ores, metals and building materials. The authorized capital of the company is only $150.

Regarding the Horlivka meat processing plant, it was transferred to a certain Russian LLC Profgarant. The occupation "authorities" of Horlivka have not yet commented on the situation.