July, 21

Court gives opportunity for ex-militant - son of one of "LNR" sponsors to be released on bail

07/02/2019 03:29:51 pm
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The court has decided to arrest Dmitriy Derzhak - son of owner of the Luhansk vodka distiller Leonid Derzhak, who is suspected of financing the "LNR" militants, with the possibility of bailment in the amount of $21750. This was announced by Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko on his Facebook.

"The humane Constitutional Court of Ukraine decided that it was wrong to define arrest as the only pre-trial restriction in cases of terrorism and high treason. The deputy general director of the enterprise-sponsor of the LNR terrorists, who was detained with a certificate of "combatant" against Ukraine, was given the opportunity to be released on $21750 bail. This happened on the very day when the terrorists fired at a medical car of the AFU", - Lutsenko noted.

According to him, in connection with this decision, the Constitutional Court is in a risk zone, since "more than 1000 terrorists and their accomplices have been arrested in Ukraine".

"The trial of the Kremlin's most valuable prisoner, Mr. Vyshynskiy (head of the RIA Novosti-Ukraine resource), accused of committing a number of crimes against the foundations of national security under Articles 109, 110, 111, as well as 161, 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine - ed.), is tomorrow. The appeal to Yefremov (former head of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction, who is being tried for state treason - ed.) will be some of these days", - the prosecutor general noted.

As previously reported, the PGOU and SBU detained the "LNR" militant - son of the "LNR" sponsor and owner of the Luhansk vodka distiller Derzhak. The Prosecutor's Office of the Kyiv oblast clarified on its Facebook that Derzhak was detained according to Art. 208 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine. A report on the suspicion of committing criminal offense under Part 1 of Art. 258-5 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (funding a separate terrorist organization) and petition for the applying a measure of restraint in the form of detention without bailment were prepared.

On June 25, the Constitutional Court declared applying a measure of restraint for those suspected of treason and terrorism only in the form of arrest unconstitutional.