July, 13

Occupation authorities of "DNR" drive people under boiling sun to "celebrate" Day of Russia

06/12/2019 05:39:39 pm
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Several tens of thousands of people will take part in the so-called "celebrations" on the occasion of the Day of Russia in the center of occupied Donetsk. This is written by residents of the uncontrolled part of Donetsk oblast in social networks.

It is noted that traditionally, it is mandatory for employees of the public sector and utilities to participate in such events. In particular, the presence of a large number of school teachers is planned, since the pupils went for the holidays and summer holidays for the teaching staff had not yet begun.

Meanwhile, the air temperature has exceeded 32-33 degrees in Donetsk. Involuntary participants of the "celebrations" fear for their health and stocked up with plenty of drinking water.

"The movement is already being limited in the area of ​​the square. The state employees are being driven under the boiling sun on the second half of the day.

The "holiday" will begin at 14 o'clock, the main streets of Donetsk, leading to the Lenin Square, are blocked for traffic, including the city's passenger.