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Zelensky joked about high tariffs, but did not give direct promise to lower them - Herus

06/12/2019 01:27:36 pm
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Volodymyr Zelensky did not give direct promises to reduce tariffs for the population. This was stated by representative of the President of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Herus on the air of I hear you program on Bihus info.

"…Zelensky did not directly promise to reduce the tariffs, although we all understand and he understands that this is a problem. If you look at what Zelensky said in the video about tariffs, he stated the need to increase gas production, investment and development exports. Then the price of gas in our country will fall by 20-30%, and maybe more", - Herus said.

He stressed tha.t there were no Zelensky's direct promise to reduce the tariffs "not to look populistically"

At the same time, the presenter noted that approximately 80% of voters would express full confidence that Zelensky had promised to reduce the tariffs. "The issue of nuances "promised - did not promise" - this is one thing, but what remains in people's heads is another", - he said.

Herus, in turn, acknowledged that the population wants and is waiting for a reduction in tariffs. "Zelensky was joking about the tariffs that they are high. Zelensky was joking about Rotterdam+, that this is unfair, that this is a corrupt formula. I also think so. But he did not give direct promises. Of course, people want to see what they want to see… We need to understand that this is a problem for people, and they want to reduce the tariffs", - he concluded.

According to the KIIS opinion poll in mid-April, 40% of Ukrainians expect tariff reductions in the first 100 days of Zelensky's presidency.