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Ukrainian guerilla warriors organize explosion at militants' checkpoint in CALO

06/10/2019 11:21:24 am
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Ukrainian guerilla warriors organized an explosion at the checkpoint of the militants in occupied Khrustalny (formerly Krasnyi Luch) on June 7. This is reported by Maidan.

It is noted that the explosion thundered on June 7 at about 15:30 at the checkpoint along Ordzhonikidze Street, where "the separate artillery brigade of the 2nd Army Corps of Russians is located".

It is noted that there were about 15 militants at the checkpoint at the time of the explosion. There is no accurate data on the dead and wounded.

"It was the answer of Ukrainian guerilla warriors for shelling of the Ukrainian army by the Russian troops", - the report said.

Shadows group took over the responsibility for the explosion.

At the same time, local residents of Khrustalny do not even report about the fact of the explosion in social networks.