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Ukrainian passports not to be taken away from CADLO residents when they enter Russian citizenship – Russian MFA

04/25/2019 01:34:55 pm
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Residents of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts (CADLO) will be able to receive Russian passports without refusing the Ukrainian ones. This is stated in the explanation posted on the website of the MFA of the Russian Federation.

Yesterday, on April 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the decree "On the definition for humanitarian purposes of categories of persons entitled to apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation under simplified procedure", which simplified the adoption of citizens of Ukraine residing in the occupied Donbass to Russian citizenship. Judging by the decree, those who have identity documents issued in the "DNR/LNR" with "a note about registration at the place of residence in the territory of the relevant district of Donetsk or Luhansk oblast of Ukraine" have the right to a Russian passport.

"… This category of citizens is entitled to apply for the acquisition of Russian citizenship without renouncing Ukrainian citizenship", - the statement says.

It is also clarified that the reception of applications for this category of citizens will be carried out through the "authorized persons" of the "DNR" and "LNR" and "will be considered on the territory of the Rostov oblast, where there are all necessary conditions for this, including material and technical resources and printed blanks".

The team of Volodymyr Zelensky, who won the presidential election, called Putin's actions "another clear confirmation for the world community of the real role of Russia as aggressor state that conducts war against Ukraine".

Current President Petro Poroshenko stated that Russia crossed the red lines again.