July, 21

Militant Khodakovsky told how "the direction of thought" of the "DPR" residents threatened "national security"

02/12/2016 08:21:33 pm
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The self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" try to record not only dissent expressions, but also to anticipate the thoughts of the people, because they threaten "national security". This was stated by the so-called "security council secretary of the "DPR" Alexander Khodakovsky in the interview to Fontanka.

"We try to record any threats, I drew repeatedly attention, frankly speaking, to the fact that not some statements but even direction of thoughts of people is a hidden threat", - said the spokesman of the militants.

When answering a clarifying question whether people's thoughts can threaten state security, he replied affirmatively.

"In a situation, where we see outright war, even demotivation of people is a threat to national security. You should understand correctly, I am now appealing exclusively to the technologies of the public consciousness manipulation", - he said.

Besides, Khodakovsky recognized that employees of so-called "state security" of the "DPR" often did not even basic education.

"They study in process and may act not always properly", - he said.