July, 21

Militants fire at post of humanitarian and medical aid in front-line of Travneve

03/07/2019 04:32:29 pm
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The humanitarian and medical aid post in front-line Travneve came under the militants' fire on March 5, - the press center of the Joint Forces reports.

At 16.00O on Wednesday, March 5, illegal armed formations fired at a residential house in the village of Travneve, where the post of humanitarian and medical aid is located, from RPG-7 hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher.

Representatives of the Ukrainian party in the JCCC found damage to the power line pole and destroyed fence and well at the site of the shelling.

The next day, at 07.55 on March 6, shelling of the civil infrastructure of the Bakhmut Agrarian Union in the village of Novoluhanske was carried out from the side of temporarily occupied Bayrak settlement using 122 mm artillery.

Storehouse with property, fence, outer gate of the storehouse and power line were damaged as a result of the shelling.