July, 21

Elderly driver died in line at Kargil militants' checkpoint - eyewitnesses

02/12/2019 03:18:58 pm
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An elderly man died at the Kargil checkpoint controlled by the "DNR" militants. Eyewitnesses report this in social networks.

"A man died at the Kargil this morning. The driver was elderly", "checkpoints turn into the gates to the kingdom come", "AH9462EO licence plate number of the car, yellow VAZ-2101", "I arrived at Kargil in the direction of Ukraine at 5.10 in the morning, got to the back of preferential line, there are still 10 cars ahead at the moment, impudence and bribery are thriving!!! It cannot be worse than now, only carriers drive all the morning without any conscience. He will not pass the end of the preferential line. The driver of the next car died and nobody cares!!! PEOPLE'S republic is for the people!", - Telegram users write.

Since the last year autumn, giant lines began to be formed at the "DNR" checkpoint in the area of Kargil again. The militants have tightened control and rewrite everyone who crosses their checkpoint. In this regard, the staying overnight cars appeared in lines.