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Residents of occupied territories who want to elect president to be 6 times more - Avakov

02/08/2019 04:23:12 pm
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The Ministry of Internal Affairs has recently recorded a six-fold increase in the number of residents of the occupied territories who submitted applications for changing the place of voting during the presidential election in March 2019. This was stated in the air of The Right to Power program by Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, - the press service of the MIA of Ukraine reports.

"Recently, we are recording that the number of people crossing the contact line and registering their place of residence in another city to vote increased six times. Are people really trying to vote, or is this a scheme that our foreign enemy imposes on us?", - the minister wonders.

"We will check very closely that there are no dead souls in the voter's registry, or a situation where someone will vote for a person. We have a border crossing database and if we see that the election commission issued a ballot to a person who did not cross the border and is located abroad, this is criminal responsibility", - Arsen Avakov assured. In this context, he called on members of the election commission to refrain from participation in criminal schemes. "Therefore, I want to tell the members of the commission, do not take part in any schemes", - Arsen Avakov warned.