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Occupiers recognize mess and insanitary conditions at their checkpoints. It was decided to fight by using "deputies' monitoring"

02/07/2019 01:17:54 pm
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Occupation authorities in the so-called "DNR" have acknowledged that at their entry and exit checkpoints, there are standing lines, lack of organization of people's entry services, as well as non-compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. This was said by the so-called "chairman of the people's council of the DNR" Vladimir Bidiovka, - separatist media report.

According to Bidiovka, "deputies of the republic" "are present daily at the checkpoints and have already found a number of problems".

"Objective reason for the occurrence of queues is the lack of personnel and office equipment at the checkpoints. The border crossing procedure is complicated by the fact that the departments that carry it out do not have a single database", - one of the occupation leaders complained.

"The disadvantages also include the lack of signposts at the entrance to the checkpoints, uncleaned roads near the checkpoints, non-observance of sanitary and hygienic standards", - he said.

Bidiovka promised that "significant infrastructure changes are already planned" at the Oleksandrivka and Olenivka checkpoints, as well as "creation of a single database" to speed up the passage of the checkpoint. At the same time, he praised that "60 deputies of the people's council have already taken part in monitoring the checkpoints".

Bidiovka did not specify in which month the promised "significant changes" at the checkpoints will take place.

As reported, about 35 cars were forced to spend the night near the "DNR" checkpoint in the direction of Marinka, controlled by the Ukrainian authorities, at the night of February 6. This was written in social networks by local residents who were forced to cross the line of contact.