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Wednesday results in the occupied territories of Donbass. The highlights

01/31/2019 11:00:00 am
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In the area of ​​the Joint Forces Operation on January 30, the enemy fired at the positions of our troops three times, including once with the use of weapons forbidden by the Minsk agreements, - the JFO headquarters reported. In the zone of action of the Sievier operational-tactical grouping, the mercenaries fired at the positions of the Ukrainian military near the village of Kriakivka from 82 mm mortars, as well as from automatic rocket launchers and small arms near the small village of Svobodnyi. In the zone of action of ​​the Vostok operational-tactical grouping Vostok, the criminals fired at the positions of our defenders from grenade launchers near the village of Pavlopil.

Ukrainian military disclosed an ambush of the militants, eliminated its personnel and seized its weapons, - the Joint Forces Operation headquarters reported. In particular, the trophies include Fagot anti-tank missile system, RPG-18 - 1 pc., NSV-12.7 Utyos.

F-1 grenade was found at the entrance door of art school in occupied Donetsk. This was reported by the fake "Ministry of Emergency Situations", acting on the part of Donetsk oblast controlled by the militants.

Luhanskvoda promises to restore the full supply of four cities in the occupied territory of Luhansk oblast toward the evening of January 31, affected as a result of the leak of the main water conduit. This was written by the separatist media. As a result, the water supply of Petrovske was reduced by 50%, Antratsyt and Khrustalny (Krasnyi Luch) - by 40% and Perevalsk - by 20%.

Occupation authorities of Donetsk promise residents that "in the near future, the work of urban electric transport will get into a groove". This is reported by the website of the "administration". The "authorities" are justifying themselves before the citizens that "because of the difficult weather conditions that hit the republic in January of this year, problems have arisen not only in the communal, but also in the field of transportation" In particular, "there were interruptions in the movement of tram routes" in Donetsk. According to the "authorities", one of the reasons for this was "sudden temperature drops, which caused the so-called frost heaving", which caused disturbance in the movement of trams.

Member of the "LNR" illegal armed formation Vladislav Shynkarchuk called himself an ambulance, having almost killed himself. This was written by "Sverdlovsk - you should know this" group in social network. Upon arrival, the doctors discovered that the victim, being intoxicated, "fought an invisible enemy", waving a knife in front of him and pierced it under his heart.