March, 3

Residents of Mariupol hear cannonade for several hours

01/25/2019 03:12:44 pm
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Residents of the Vostochnyi microdistrict in Mariupol hear the sounds of cannonade for several hours, - 0629 reports.

Single loud explosions began to be heard from 8 a.m. and continue up to now.

Remote breaks are also heard in Hnutove and Chermalyk. The residents of Mariupol are scared and out of concern for their lives and health.

The JFO Headquarters explained that Mariupol residents have no reason to worry. The sounds of shots and explosions, which are heard by the residents of Vostochnyi is not shelling, but echoes of the exercises, jointly conducted by the so-called "DNR" and "LNR" militants.

As noted by the Ukrainian military, local residents living in the occupied territories are extremely dissatisfied with the exercises. The terrorists place their vehicles near residential buildings and restrict the movement of people. "There was only one shelling today, but on the other side", - the JFO Headquarters claims.