March, 3

OSCE SMM observers record consequences of shelling of functioning kindergarten in Chermalyk

01/24/2019 02:45:30 pm
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The staff of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission has recorded a bullet hit the kindergarten in the front-line Chermalyk. This is stated in the OSCE SMM report as of January 22.

Accompanied by a Ukrainian Armed Forces representative, the SMM visited a functioning kindergarten at 21A Myru Street in Chermalyk.

"Inside the kindergarten, the Mission saw a fresh hole in a south-facing window frame as well as fresh scarring on a western wall and a piano next to a northern wall. The SMM assessed the damage to have been caused by a small-arms round (7.62mm), which had pierced the window frame and ricocheted off the wall and the piano", - the report said.

An employee of the kindergarten told the SMM that she had found a bullet lying on the floor near the piano on the morning of 22 January.