July, 21

"DNR/LNR" militants refuse awards, not wanting to document their war crimes

01/14/2019 02:49:00 pm
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Militants in the temporarily occupied territories refuse the promised benefits, because they do not want to get on the lists marked by the status of "combatant". This was reported during a briefing by head of the press center of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Colonel Dmytro Hutsuliak, - UNN writes.

"The occupants spread rumors about an increase in the monetary allowance for servicemen of the Russian occupation troops who directly participate in the hostilities and are awarded the so-called "combatant". At the same time, realizing the inevitability of responsibility for committing war crimes that have no period of limitation, a significant number of these servicemen of the Russian occupation forces refuse to draw up documents for the receipt of this "award", - D.Hutsuliak noted.

At the same time, he noted that "candidates for encouragement" fear that the lists of awardees will be made public and will serve as an evidence base for the upcoming trial.

According to the press secretary of the Ministry of Defence, intelligence reports that the Russian occupational command is trying to increase the motivation of personnel to serve in the advanced units of formations and units 1 and 2 of the Armed Corps of the Russian Armed Forces - one of them is spreading rumors about the increased award.