March, 3

Leader of "DNR" promises a chemical attack once again

12/19/2018 01:27:17 pm
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The "DNR" leader Denis Pushilin has unfoundedly accused Ukraine of preparing provocations using poison gases. He voiced the next "predictions" of the militants' reconnaissance in a "specific statement".

According to him, the mythical "DNR reconnaissance" allegedly "received new evidence confirming that under the leadership of Western curators, Kyiv prepared a large-scale act of sabotage on the environmentally hazardous facilities of Donbass".

At the same time, he is forced to admit that intelligence is not very accurate, as if a different version of "chemical provocation" is possible.

"According to the terrorist leader, "the use of chemical warfare agent, allegedly released from the DNR territory is being considered" to be another option.

He indiscriminately stated that "the operation is being coordinated by the military attaches and regular representatives of the U.S. and British special services".

"Western military intelligence officers have already drawn up a plan of action for the Kyiv regime on the basis of the method developed in Syria. The work is underway to create an analogue of the Syrian White Helmets in Ukraine, which, according to the authors, should record the consequences of population poisoning and falsify videos that allegedly prove involvement of the militia forces and Russia in the inhumane actions", - Pushilin told about the latest "successes" of the so-called "intelligence of the republic".

In his accusations, he came to the words that "the Americans have already prepared shell fragments treated with combat poisons to give credibility to the accusations of the "DNR" and Russia".

The staple of statements of the head of the puppet government comes down to the fact that, under any option, Ukraine will accuse the "DNR" and Russia of using chemical agents and, using this as a pretext, will launch a large-scale offensive. According to the separatist, this is being done in order to cancel the presidential election, "Poroshenko has no odds of winning".

The given statement of the "DNR" leader almost completely repeats similar ones made on the eve of December 14. On this date, the "DNR" propagandists and curators from Russia "appointed" the attack of the JFO units in the Mariupol direction. It was stated that the attack would be preceded by a terrorist attack "organized by the secret services of Ukraine" at one of the chemical enterprises of Mariupol. After nothing of what had been voiced by the "DNR intelligence" occurred, the militants continued to spread panic, having changed the date and direction of the announced offensive of the Joint Operation.