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Line of contact in Donbass is not half the same as that spelled out in Minsk agreements - Marchuk

12/10/2018 04:45:21 pm
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The current actual line of contact in the Donbass is not half the same as the one defined by the Minsk agreements. This was stated at a conference in Kyiv by representative of Ukraine in the Trilateral Contact Group at the Minsk talks Yevhen Marchuk, - Radio Liberty reports.

"The line of contact was defined (on September 2014 - ed.). The parties have committed that this line remains constant, that neither party will advance. At present, the de facto line of contact does not half coincide with the line that everyone agreed upon. Soon after the agreements, Debaltseve was seized, 1648 square kilometers were captured", - Marchuk noted.

He noted that this was just one example of the violation or non-compliance with the Minsk agreements by Russia and militant groups under its control.

According to Marchuk, Ukraine should more actively voice such examples to the international partners.

"Ukraine has a sufficient information resource on the Minsk process in order to actively use it, to bring this information at least to the part that is influential figures in the West, so that there is an understanding of what is happening", - the diplomat noted.

As previously reported, Yevhen Marchuk became representative of Ukraine in the TСG in Minsk in November of this year. He replaced former president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma in this post.

The next meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group is scheduled for December 19.