December, 8

"DNR/LNR" leaders are not politicians, but convenient for Moscow operators of communication with Kremlin – Borodai

11/22/2018 02:39:53 pm
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Leaders of the "DNR/LNR" Denis Pushilin and Leonid Pasechnik are not politicians – they perform the function of operator of interaction between the terrorist "republics" and Moscow curators. This opinion was expressed by Russian terrorist Alexander Borodai on one of the propaganda channels.

They do not conduct independent policies and are optimally comfortable figures for the Kremlin, - he noted.

"Of course, I understand (and all rational people understand) that now the Donbass "republics", their existence, are directly tied to Moscow, to relations with Moscow. And if such operators, that is, Pushilin, or Pasechnik, seems optimal or convenient for Moscow, the most optimal of the possible available list, such operators in the Donbass should be", - Borodai stated.

He acknowledged that the so-called "election of heads" was only a formality, which fixed the actual appointment of the "DNR/LNR" leaders by the Russian leadership. "They are formalized by the election procedure, they will all be inaugurated now (they have already were inaugurated – OstroV) and, thank God, this can be completed", - the militant noted.

At the same time, Borodai made it clear that the Kremlin's henchmen are not independent politicians, but merely conductors of instructions coming from the Kremlin.

"Of course, Donbass has very little to change in politics. Indeed, the leaders of Donbass can be considered politicians in quite a narrow range. What kind of foreign policy can Pushilin or Pasechnik follow? Well, they can go to Minsk talks… Well, perhaps that is all, nothing more. Nothing have been solved at the Minsk negotiations for a long time. There is a total deadlock and there is no life. What else? Actually, relations with Moscow. These are they who are operators in these relations of Donbass and Moscow", - the Russian terrorist once again pointed out the role and place of "heads" of the fake republics.

As previously reported, in 2014, Alexander Borodai, who illegally arrived in Donetsk, seized by the separatist revolt, led this process and, in fact, declared himself "Prime Minister of the DNR".