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"DNR" militants are forced to put a tick "for Pushilin" through early voting – Akhmedova

11/07/2018 05:26:40 pm
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Militants of military units of the so-called "people's militia of the DNR" are forced to put a tick in the bulletin for the current "acting head" Denis Pushilin through the procedure of early voting in the fake election of leader. This is written by Russian propagandist Marina Akhmedova in social networks.

"The early voting began in military units of the DNR. The ballots are being checked to ensure that there are no spoiled and there is a tick against the name of Pushilin. For disobedience – sanctions", - she wrote, citing her own sources in the "republic".

Ballot boxes are brought directly to the location of illegal armed groups. The commanders promise that up to 100% of the personnel will vote in this mode.

Marina Akhmedova is Russian journalist and author of numerous pro-Russian propaganda materials about the alleged situation in the occupied Donbass.